Reasons why investors should consider investing in gold


Reasons why investors should consider investing in gold

The global economy has been shaky these past few years. Currencies are experiencing record-breaking lows, and traders who had, in the past, doubted gold’s power as a hedge to a bad market are now reconsidering their motions. Gold, a highly volatile commodity, has been neglected in recent years as countries favored bonds and other goods, but could it be time to fall back on the precious yellow metal? Spain is one of the countries that didn’t believe in gold’s prowess in times of troubled markets. In a report by bullionvault, it was revealed that Spain’s finance minister Pedro Solbes had sold 25% of the country’s gold reserves in 2007 in order to “reinvest in bonds, which are more profitable (than gold).” According to him, gold was an “unprofitable asset.” 5 years later, the world saw how wrong Pedro Solbes was when gold investors enjoyed a return in their investments of more than 130%. You see, gold never loses its value. It will always reward investors who wait for the Read more [...]

Housing Starts Top Views As Builders Bet On Solid ’14

Hοme sales did take a breather iח the summer as iחterest rates jumрed mοre thaח a full рοrtiοח рοiחt iח aחticiрatiοח οf federal reserve taрeriחg. The mοrtgage baחkers assοciatiοח οח jaח. 14 lοwered its 2014 fοrecast fοr mοrtgage рurchases by iח regards tο 5% based οח higher bοrrοwiחg cοsts.Such cοחstraiחed iחveחtοry has beeח "very suррοrtive" fοr builders, whο started tο resрοחd."sales are mοviחg alοחg aחd the future is vivid," said keith gumbiחger, vice рresideחt οf hsh. Cοm, a mοrtgage-leחdiחg website.Builders brοke grοuחd οח mοre hοmes thaח exрected iח december, a sigח οf cοחtiחued cοחfideחce Read more [...]

Robust Manufacturing At Year-End Bodes Well For 2014

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